Holding hands with an indri in the Palmarium

More Madagascar photos for you – this time we’re back to the Palmarium. I actually took about 1/3 of the photos from the whole trip in this small resort, mostly because the indri (black and white) and Coquerel’s sifaka (russet and white) are so very, very approachable. To the point of being downright friendly. There were also some slightly more skittish, but exquisitely beautiful crowned lemurs, as well as black lemurs, and a black/crowned hybrid that just wanted to climb all over us.

The highlight has to be holding hands with an indri, though. The largest living member of the lemur family, at about 10-15kg, the indri combines teddy-bear ears with obvious primate intelligence and inquisitiveness – but with none of the aggression of a monkey. Meeting indri is every bit as magical as an encounter with gorillas.

See the full gallery here.

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