From 3000 to 20, then 6 – with your help

I’ve done the easy bit – sifting 3000 photos down to 88 that I think have competition potential. Now comes the hard part. I need to get from 88 photos I like down to 20 (for Wildlife Photographer of the Year), then down to 6 (for the ZSL Animal Photography Prize). And I’d like your help.

Please take a look through this gallery, and reply to this post or email/tweet me with your likes/dislikes – and what you think is good or bad about them. Include the URL from the address bar so I know which photo you’re commenting on. There are some duplicates (e.g. multiple exposures of a single shot, or colour + B/W) and near-dupes (shots in a series). Again, a sense of what you like or don’t like about them will help.

The categories I’m working to are here and here.

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