Back to Berenty

Back only in the virtual sense, alas.  But it’s still been fun.

I’m finally (!) editing the 3000-odd photos we brought back from Madagascar, and trying to spot the ones I might put into next year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  No real hope of getting placed, but I’ve made it to the semis before, so let’s hope I can get to the finals this time.

So far, I’ve managed to sift and edit only the photos from our first stop – Berenty Reserve.  The best info I’ve seen about Berenty is here, but you can also see it in the recent BBC series – it’s where everyone goes to see dancing sifakas (Verreaux’s sifaka).

I’ve done a bit of sifting, so you can see most (but not all) here.  But my personal favourites were these:

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