Shopped again

Playing around with some old photos. This is why it’s worth upgrading Photoshop from time to time. Compare what I was able to do with CS3 in 2011 to what I can do with Photoshop CC today.

2011 edit

Wild dog hunt – 2011 edit, Photoshop CS3


Wild dog hunt

Wild dog hunt – 2014 edit, Photoshop CC

Yes there are still issues, like it’s a big crop (~50%). But the processing is a world apart. The big steps here are Smart Sharpen and luminosity noise reduction, in a newer process version. I also cheated slightly and put in some gradient blur on the background to shorten the apparent depth of field, and made a few other tweaks I wasn’t allowed in the earlier version (as it was edited for a competition). Think I might need to get this reprinted to replace the version on the wall…

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