Zambia and WPY

Well, it’s that time of year again – Wildlife Photographer of the Year submissions are due. Happily we’ve been on another safari, this time to Zambia, and I’ve finally edited the photographs. Some highlights of our most recent two trips (Zambia and Tanzania) below, and you can see the full album for Zambia here.


Back from Africa again – this time in northern Tanzania to see Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. Managed to catch the southern end of the Great Migration this time. Saw some fantastic wildebeest stampedes and had a lot of fun learning how to shoot moving subjects with really slow shutter speeds (some as low…

The Great Migration!

So we’ve been back for some time, but it’s taken me this long to edit some photos.¬† Thank heavens for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, there’s nothing quite like a deadline… So here are some photos from our recent trip to Kenya to see the Great Migration. All these shots are from the…

Save the Cheetah

One of our two Christmas charities this year (admittedly donating slightly late) – the AfriCat Namibia foundation, which we were able to visit in Namibia in 2015. And some photos of a cheetah and one of our excellent guide ūüôā¬†


Staggered and honoured to win¬†my category (At Home in their Habitat) in the¬†Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize! Taken from an aeroplane, this image portrays the dependence on the environment of even the largest animal in Africa. The game trails show the passage of many animals, now absent, to what was once a large…

Into Africa

Created a new AV sequence for the competition at my local photography club.¬† Rather pleased to win against some stiff competition!¬† And do go full screen for best quality, it’s good up to 1080p HD. Almost all of these photos are from our recent trip to Namibia and Botswana with¬†the ever wonderful¬†Safari Consultants.¬†Comment below if…

Competition time again

Editing photos for competitions again.¬† First deadline is Wildlife Photographer of the Year, on Thursday morning… would welcome thoughts on which of these are the best, and any further editing they need! It’s always a long shot, but always worth trying.


Back from Botswana (and Namibia)

Well, as of last weekend, we’re back from our latest safari. Two countries (Namibia and Botswana), three weeks, three cameras, half a terabyte of memory cards and 11,000 photos later – I won’t say we were ready to come home, but we at least weren’t dragged kicking and screaming to the airport. The photos will…

Another deadline, another edit

Some more new edits – this time to enter in the ZSL Animal Photography Prize. The pictures are slightly sharper in the original, as the latest version of WordPress seems to be resampling them on upload. For whatever reason, WordPress has never liked JPEGs exported from¬†Lightroom.  

Kenya Redux

Ok, so I’ve just spent a long time working over old photos.¬† A lot of them.¬† But it’s worth it.¬† Never processed a lot of photos from our first trip to Kenya properly, but with a bit of effort, some of them came out pretty well.¬† Now I just need to do the same again…