More from Madagascar – Masoala

More Madagascar photos for you – this time from our stay on the Masoala peninsula, in the far north-east of the island. A wonderful camp; gorgeous scenery; lush rainforest; white-fronted brown lemurs; stunning panther chameleons, and humpback whales to keep you company in your kayak. Idyllic. See the full gallery here.

Lemur video

Going through some more Madagascar photos – and came across this. Taken at the Palmarium. Won’t get round to the rest of those photos for a while, but couldn’t resist sharing the video.

Why to go to the zoo in winter

Some pictures from our last trip to Whipsnade of 2013 on 28 Dec.  It was a lovely clear, dry day, and the low temperatures were great for getting the animals up and about.  Some highlights were the baby giraffe, the baby elephant (no pics as light was too poor inside), and the very active cheetahs. …

Back to Berenty

Back only in the virtual sense, alas.  But it’s still been fun. I’m finally (!) editing the 3000-odd photos we brought back from Madagascar, and trying to spot the ones I might put into next year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  No real hope of getting placed, but I’ve made it to the semis before,…


We’ve managed to go to both Whipsnade and London Zoo this week.  Lovely, and fun to play with my new(ish) lens.  Which is very nice, as are some of the fun things I’ve discovered in Lightroom.  Here are a few highlights: See our photo gallery for more.